Week of 02/16/15 - 02/20/15

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This week, we will:


Monday, 2/16/15

Furnari - Library

·         Collect last week’s reading log, and pass out new reading log.

·         Introduce Wordly Wise Unit 16 Vocabulary with a PowerPoint & discussion, and Begin WW 16A.

·         Lit. Circle #2 Meeting

·         Collect Lit Circle #2 Questions.

·         Read independently to self; meet with small groups as needed.

·         Watch BrainPop on Abraham Lincoln.

·         Discuss how he played a very important role in the Civil War.

·         Take quiz, and discuss answers.

HW:  Read 30 minutes & log it. Complete WW 16A. 


Tuesday, 2/17/15

·         Review WW 16A.  Begin 16E.

·         Correct DLA, answer questions that a majority of class has in whole group.

·         Have students fill in their data sheets on which TEKS they need to improve on.  Reflect on what needs to get done before STAAR.

Workstation Groups

(Small Group Instructional Time)

·         Continue to answer questions and have students who need to correct in small group for DLA.

·         Read independently to self.

·         Begin working on Lit Circle #3 questions.

·         Finish Scene 3 questions for ITW as needed.

HW:  Read 30 minutes & log it.  Complete WW 16E. 


Wednesday, 2/18/15

·         Review WW 16E.  Begin 16B.

·         Review Scene 3 questions with students.

·         Review Close Reading Passages:

o   Beginning of the War

o   The South Secedes

·         Review notes students took on the South Seceding and Fort Sumter.

·         Have students work in pairs to work through a Reader’s Theatre script in pairs or trios.

·         Fill out graphic organizer on what they learned about how their event triggered the war.

HW:  Read 30 minutes & log it.  Complete WW 16B.


Thursday, 2/19/15

Weiman – Library

P.E. Day

·         Review 16B, and Complete 16D.

·         Watch a portion of a Civil War Documentary.

·         Take Notes, Pause, & Discuss.

·         Work on Motivation Reading or Kamico, whichever ones students are assigned.

·         Work on Lit Circle #3 questions.

·         Read independently to self.

HW:  Read 30 minutes & log it.  Study for Wordly Wise QUIZ tomorrow.  Work on Lit Circle #3 Questions, due Thursday, 2/26.


Friday, 2/20/15.

·         Collect exercises from the week and complete Wordly Wise Quiz 16.

·         Read aloud Scenes 4 and 5.

·         Begin answering questions for Scenes 4 and 5.

HW:  Read 30 minutes & log it. Get Reading Log signed.  Work on Lit Circle #3 Questions, due Thursday, 2/26.
Angela Furnari,
Feb 15, 2015, 3:36 PM