Week of 03/27/17 - 03/31/17

posted Mar 27, 2017, 10:00 AM by Angela Furnari

 This week, we will:


Monday, 03/27/17

Furnari – Library

  • Power Hour (9-10 a.m., 1-2 p.m.): Students will be seated in differentiated groups, working on Drama Passages.  They will practice their strategies, summarizing and highlighting key words.  Students will also answer questions about the elements of drama, inferences, and theme.

  • We will review “A New Kind of Park for Medway”.  We will go over inferencing, drawing conclusions, vocabulary, summarizing, and the elements of Persuasive passages.

  • Students will work in small groups at different Social Studies stations.  They will finish their last two stations today.  They will be learning about Westward Expansion, Cowboys, Homesteaders, and Imperialism.

Work Stations

  • Work on Lit. Circle Assignment #1, due Friday, March 31st.

    HW: Bring a book to read, and rest for STAAR!


    Tuesday, 03/28/17

    STAAR Math


    HW: Bring a book to read, and rest for STAAR!


    Wednesday, 03/29/17

    STAAR Reading


    HW: Read for 30 minutes, and work on Lit. Circle Assignment, due Friday.


    Thursday, 03/30/17

    Into the Woods- ITW (30): We will begin our drama unit by:

  • Introducing Fairy Tales, & Completing Story Maps.

  • Reviewing & Discussing an Into the Woods (ITW) PowerPoint.

  • Reading ITW Scene 1.

  • Beginning Scene 1 Questions.

    Work Stations

  • Work on ITW Scene 1 Questions.

  • Complete March I-station Assessment.

  • Work on Lit. Circle Assignment #1, due tomorrow.

    HW: Read for 30 minutes.  Lit. Circle Assignment #1 due tomorrow!


    Friday, 03/31/17

    Students will meet with other students who read a similar genre as them for their Literature Circle book.  They will discuss characters, structure, personal connections and settings of their respective books, and turn in their Literature Circle Questions for Lit. Circle 3-1.

    Into the Woods- ITW (30): We will:

  • Act Out Scene 1.

  • Finish Scene 1 Questions.

  • Begin reading Scene 2.

  • Begin Scene 2 Questions.

    HW:  Read and Rest.