Week of 04/18/16 - 04/22/16

posted Apr 14, 2016, 8:01 AM by Angela Furnari   [ updated Apr 15, 2016, 2:58 PM ]

Parents, please look at the Field Day Reminders at the end of this Weekly Update.


This week, we will:


Monday, 4/18/16

Art Day

·         We will begin working on our second map region of the United States, the Western region.  Students will fill out a map to study with, and will be quizzed on it on Friday.

·         Students will review the Greek Gods BrainPop video, and take notes on the major symbols the gods are associated with, and their relationships to each other.

·         We will work on writing poetry in two voices. 

Work Stations

·         Work on Two Voice Poems.

·         Read quietly, and work on Literature Circle Assignment.

HW: Read 30 minutes.


Tuesday, 4/19/16

Furnari – Library

·         We will read and annotate this famous Greek myth.  We will discuss theme, plot diagram, and characterization.  Students will answer comprehension questions.  We will also do the Reader’s Theatre scripts from this.

Work Stations

·         Work on “Origin of the Seasons” questions.

·         Work on Two Voice Poems.

·         Read quietly and work on Literature Circle Assignment.

HW: Read 30 minutes. 


Wednesday, 4/20/16

·         We will begin by reading a reader’s theatre script, “If World War I Was a Fight”.  We will then begin working through a PowerPoint that looks at major causes, technology, and effects of World War I.  We will also read a poem and discuss symbolism as seen.

·         Students will work on writing a poem in a style of their choosing. 

·         Students will review answers to the questions about the Origin of the Seasons myth.

HW: Read 30 minutes.


Thursday, 4/21/16


·         We will discuss the 1920’s in America, a time of industrialization, booming businesses, and many cultural advancements.  Students will listen to music of the time period in small groups, discuss, and fill out a graphic organizer.

Work Stations

·         Complete the Western Map Regions Quiz.

·         Take Origin of the Seasons Assessment.

·         Work on Two Voice Poems.

·         Read quietly.

HW: Read 30 minutes.


Friday, 4/22/16

Field Day!

Ms. Weiman’s Class:
  Wear yellow shirts.

Ms. Furnari’s Class:  Wear red shirts.


*Bring a sack lunch.  The cafeteria will still be selling lunches, but a lot of the cafeteria space will be taken up with games.


*Bring a change of clothes – to put on after playing with the water balloons.