Week of 08/24/15 - 08/28/15

posted Aug 23, 2015, 7:48 PM by Angela Furnari

This week, we will:


Monday, 08/24/15

·         As it is the first day of school, students will design a nametag.  They should write their name clearly, and decorate their nametag with 3 favorite things.  They will introduce themselves to the class.

·         I will show the students a Powerpoint introducing myself, and giving a tour of the classroom. Through this I will also communicate my class expectations.  I will also explain Passport Global, introducing our first country.

·         I will pass out the expectation sheet for their binder.  Students will also label their Table of Contents, one for each of their major subjects.

HW: Have a parent sign the expectation sheet in binder.


Tuesday, 08/25/15

·         We will pass out and write names on the front of their Wordly Wise workbooks. Review List 1, and begin Wordly Wise (WW) 1, Exercise A.

·         Students will take an inventory that helps them recognize their individual strengths.  We will also use this information to help them set learning goals for themselves.

·         We will begin our Short Story Unit with “Rikki Tikki Tavi”.  We will go through a Powerpoint presentation introducing the story, background, and literary elements, as well as reading the story through for the first time.

HW: Finish WW 1A


Wednesday, 08/26/15

·         We will correct WW 1A from their homework the previous night.  Begin WW 1B in class.

·         We will begin by defining words, 1 per table.  Students will be required to come up with a definition and how it relates to geography: region, landform, symbol, scale, elevation, and compass.  I will then present about the different regions of the United States, important landforms, and how to read a map.  We will also look at types of maps of the United States, and types of maps of our Passport Global country.

·         We will continue reading “Rikki Tikki Tavi” as needed, and finish the Powerpoint presentation that comes with this.  We will review how events advance the plot forward.   

·         Students will answer comprehension questions based on the story.

HW: Finish WW 1B


Thursday, 08/27/15

·         We will correct WW 1B from their homework the previous night.  Begin WW 1D.

·         Introduce Character Traits.  Create a Venn Diagram, where they compare and contrast themselves with their best friend.  To connect with the story, we will then have them compare and contrast Rikki Tikki with one of the villains from the story.  Students will also reread the story as needed.

HW: WW, 1D; Study WW Words for QUIZ tomorrow.

Friday, 08/28/15

·         Students will take a quiz on the first list from WW.


·         We will review Plot Diagram, as it relates to “RTT”.  We will begin learning about onomatopoeia, and its usage as a literary device.  Students will see examples in “RTT”, and will begin working on their own example in a sentence complete with picture.

·         Map Skills (30): Students will work on map skills practice activities as it related to regions of the United States.

·         Students will read a short section of a book they are reading independently, and be able to explain at least 2 character traits about their character, as well as the role they play in the story.

HW:  Finish onomatopoeia project.

Angela Furnari,
Aug 24, 2015, 2:08 PM