Week of 09/05/16 - 09/09/16

posted Sep 2, 2016, 8:53 AM by Angela Furnari

This week, we will:


Monday, 09/05/16

No School.  Labor Day.


Tuesday, 09/06/16


·         I will pass out the spelling list for the week.  We will review the activities students are expected to do for the week, and when they are due. 

·         We will begin the 3rd story in our Short Story Unit, “All Summer in a Day”, with a PowerPoint presentation introducing the story, background, and literary elements, as well as giving students the opportunity to respond to a journal prompt related to the story.  Additionally, we will conduct our first reading of the story with a focus on plot and types of conflict.

·         Students will answer comprehension questions based on the story, and will present to the class round-robin style.

·         Students will work on map skills reading comprehension activity as it related to regions of the United States.

Work Stations

·         Istation BOY Assessment.

HW: Read for 30 minutes.


Wednesday, 09/07/16

·         We will introduce the Types of Conflict.  Students will take notes and we will discuss examples of these types of conflict as seen in familiar stories.

·         Students will work in pairs to discuss and write down an example from “All Summer in a Day”, of each kind of conflict, with students rereading the story as needed.

·         We will begin to give a sneak peek of our Social Studies unit.  We will then create a K-W-L chart about Colonists.  We will close by having students to a quickwrite, describing their personal thoughts and feelings about having to become a colonist.

Work Stations

·         Istation BOY Assessment.

·         Complete Regions Packet, due tomorrow.

HW: Read for 30 minutes.


Thursday, 09/08/16

·         We will share and review our “All Summer in a Day” Types of Conflict sheets from the previous day, making sure that all students understand the types of conflict, and discussing how important conflict is to stories. 

·         We will review answers from the Regions of the United States review packet.  As needed, we will go back over aspects of the PowerPoint and look at maps. 

·         Students will begin working on a Travel Postcard for a Region of the US, incorporating visuals, as well as facts from our notes and other research sources.

·         We will watch the video of “All Summer in a Day” to allow students with an audio-visual modality to increase their comprehension of the written text.  We will discuss the difference in show vs. tell conflict between a video and a written text.

Work Stations

·         Istation BOY Assessment.

HW: Study Spelling words for TEST tomorrow.  Read for 30 minutes.


Friday, 09/09/16

·         In small groups, students will learn about the Roanoke Colony and their mystery disappearance as a whole colony.  They will make inferences, and create hypotheses based on clues given to them.

·         Students will be assigned a Choice project reflecting on this story.  They will be given class time to begin working on it.

Work Stations

·         Students will take Spelling Test #2.

·         Students will complete a “All Summer in a Day” Comprehension Check and respond to a journal prompt to assess their understanding of the story.

·         Students will have the opportunity to finish/improve work as needed, or to independently read a “good fit” book of their own choosing.

·         HW:  Read & Rest.