Week of 09/07/15 - 09/11/15

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This week, we will:


Monday, 9/7/15

No School—Labor Day


Tuesday, 9/8/15

·         I will introduce Unit 3 with a PowerPoint and discussion, and we will complete Exercise 3A.

·         We will begin the 3rd story in our Short Story Unit, “All Summer in a Day”, with a PowerPoint presentation introducing the story, background, and literary elements, as well as giving students the opportunity to respond to a journal prompt related to the story.  Additionally, we will conduct our first reading of the story with a focus on plot and types of conflict.

·         Students will answer comprehension questions based on the story, and will present to the class round-robin style.

·         We will review answers from the Regions of the United States review packet.  As needed, we will go back over aspects of the powerpoint and look at maps.  Students will also finish their postcard as needed.

HW: Finish WW 3A.  Read for 30 minutes.

Wednesday, 9/9/15

Computer Lab Day

·         We will correct WW 3A, and begin Exercise WW 3B.

·         We will introduce the Types of Conflict.  Students will take notes and we will discuss examples of these types of conflict as seen in familiar stories.

·         Students will work in pairs to complete a Types of Conflict worksheet based on the conflicts in “All Summer in a Day,” with students rereading the story as needed.

·         We will begin to give a sneak peek of our Social Studies unit, the Thirteen Original Colonies.  Students will receive the Unit Title Page with our objectives, and will get some time to begin creating their own title page.  We will then create a K-W-L chart about Colonists.  We will close by having students to a quickwrite, describing their personal thoughts and feelings about having to become a colonist.

HW: Finish WW 3B.  Read for 30 minutes.


Thursday, 9/10/15

·         We will correct 3B, and begin Exercise 3D.  Students will be offered a chance to do 3E for extra credit.

·         We will share and review our “All Summer in a Day” Types of Conflict sheets from the previous day, making sure that all students understand the types of conflict, and discussing how important conflict is to stories.  Students will be assigned a Choice project reflecting on this story.  They will be given class time to begin working on it.

·         We will watch the video of “All Summer in a Day” to allow students with an audio-visual modality to increase their comprehension of the written text.  We will discuss the difference in show vs. tell conflict between a video and a written text.

·         We will learn about the Roanoke colony, and observe maps that show colonists’ passage across the Atlantic Ocean. 

HW: Finish WW 3D.  Study WW Words for QUIZ.


Friday, 9/11/15

·         We will correct Exercise 3D & 3E. We will collect all Wordly Wise 3 exercises from the week.

·         September 11th Observance:

    • 9/11 Memorial: Watch BrainPop video and discuss; read “September 11th” to commemorate Patriots’ Day.
    • Students will also read a poem and discuss why the day is now called Patriots’ Day.

Work Stations

  • Students will take a quiz on the Wordly Wise Unit 3 words.
  • Students will complete a “All Summer in a Day” Comprehension Check and respond to a journal prompt to assess their understanding of the story.
  • Students will have the opportunity to finish/improve work as needed, or to independently read a “good fit” book of their own choosing.

HW:  Read & Rest.

Angela Furnari,
Sep 4, 2015, 10:30 AM