Week of 10/19 - 10/23

posted Oct 21, 2015, 2:04 PM by Angela Furnari

This week, we will:


Monday, 10/19/15

Art Day

Read Across the Globe Day


·         I will introduce Unit 7 with a PowerPoint and discussion, and we will complete Exercise 7A.

·         I will check in about their Literature Circle assignments.  First Literature Circle Assignment due Wednesday, 11/4.

·         We will wrap up our unit about the Thirteen Colonies, and begin our unit on the American Revolution. We will watch a Brain Pop video about the French and Indian War, and discuss.  We will begin working through a Powerpoint and the students will take guided notes.

Work Stations

  • Work on “Names/Nombres” Mini-Research Project.
  • Work on Weekly Spelling Work.
  • Read Literature Circle book, and work on questions.

HW:  Finish WW 7A.  Read for 30 minutes.  Work on “Names/Nombres” Mini-Research Project, due Wednesday.


Tuesday, 10/20/15

Library – Furnari

HBU Readers: 8:00-9:00 a.m.

·         We will correct 7A, and begin Exercise 7B.

·         We will do a Pre-Assessment, where table groups will have to brainstorm elements of poetry, and see what they can define.  Then, we will look at the poem, “Sarah Cynthia Stout Will Not Take the Garbage Out”, by Shel Silverstein.  Students will:

    • participate in a read-aloud of the poem.
    • answer questions about elements of poetry as seen in this poem.

·         We will read about the Boston Massacre, and students will form their own opinions for what they think happened, and what it represents.

HW: Finish WW 7B.  Read for 30 minutes.  Work on “Names/Nombres” Mini-Research Project, due TOMORROW.


Wednesday, 10/21/15

·         We will correct 7B, and begin Exercise 7E.

·         We will review answers to the packet about “Sarah Cynthia Stout…”, using it as a pre-assessment for poetry.  We will review/learn about the elements of poetry through a powerpoint that examines these and provides examples of each. 

·         We will finish watching this section of the documentary “America: The Story of Us”, pausing and discussing answers to questions to ensure comprehension.  We will also review the Boston Massacre activity from the day before.

·         We will begin reading and summarizing the narrative poem about the midnight ride of Paul Revere.  We will discuss elements of poetry as they appear.

HW:  Finish WW 7E.  Read for 30 minutes. 


Thursday, 10/22/15
Library – Weiman

·         IIM Research Day: Students will be given time to work with their partner on their IIM Research Project.

·         We will correct 7E, and begin Exercise 7D.

Work Stations

  • Work on Weekly Spelling Work.
  • Students may independently read their Literature Circle book, and work on their assignment (due Wednesday, 11/4).

HW: Study for Spelling Test.  Study for Wordly Wise Quiz.  Finish WW 7D.  Read for 30 minutes.


Friday, 10/23/15

·         We will correct 7D, and turn in Wordly Wise Pages.

·         We will finish reading the poem, annotating as we read.  Students will then answer questions to ensure their comprehension.

Work Stations

  • Complete a Words Their Way Weekly Spelling Test, and turn in Weekly Spelling Work.
  • Complete Wordly Wise Quiz 7.
  • Students may independently read their Literature Circle book, and work on their assignment, due Wednesday, 11/4.

HW:  Read & Rest.


Angela Furnari,
Oct 21, 2015, 2:04 PM