Week of 10/27/14 - 10/31/14

posted Oct 26, 2014, 10:52 PM by Angela Furnari

This week, we will:


Monday, 10/27/14

Red Ribbon Week—Kick Off: Wear Red, Red, and More Red!

P.E. Day


·         Collect reading log from last week, and pass out new log.

·         Introduce Vocabulary from “The Raven” with a PowerPoint & discussion, and begin completing the Vocabulary exercise.

·         Review Character Illuminator & Discussion Facilitator Jobs from Friday.

·         Discuss FMUF Story Elements Chart, as we have now read almost the whole book.

·         Begin Ch. 8-9 Textbook Scavenger Hunt.

·         Students will also need to fill in foldables of vocabulary words from the American Revolution.

HW:  Read 30 minutes & log it, Istation (as needed).  Finish Vocabulary exercise.

Tuesday, 10/28/14

Red Ribbon Week—“I’m too BRIGHT to be a Bully or Do Drugs”: Wear Neon Apparel

·         Correct first Vocabulary exercise; begin writing words 5 times each.

·         Take notes about the Creative Writing Process.

·         Discuss requirements for the Short Story Unit.

·         Students will do a quickwrite, where they will write 3 plot teasers for a possible short story.  They will then share this with their table-mates.

·         Together, read the poem “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe.

·         Work on Pre, During, and Post Reading Activities for “The Raven.”

o   (Topics covered will include relevant background information about the author, new vocabulary, review narrative poetry characteristics, parody, comprehension strategies, poetic annotation, and a variety of literal and inferential comprehension questions.)

HW:  Read 30 minutes & log it, Istation (as needed).  Finish writing Vocabulary words 5 times each. 


Wednesday, 10/29/14

Red Ribbon Week—“I’m a JEAN-ius – I Know Not to Bully or Do Drugs”: Wear Jeans and a College T-Shirt

Early Dismissal Day!

Furnari—Reading Buddies

·         Begin discussing different ways to use these words, as well as how they are used in “The Raven”.  Students will begin writing their own original sentences with these words.

·         Finish comprehension activities as needed for “The Raven”.

·         Work on 6 Ways to Start a Story.

·         Finish Textbook Scavenger Hunt as needed.

·         Students assigned can work on My Brother Sam is Dead.

HW:  Read 30 minutes & log it, Istation (as needed).  Finish original sentences and 6 Ways to Start a Story.

Thursday, 10/30/14

Red Ribbon Week—“The Kolter Team Fills Buckets”: Wear Your Favorite Team Jersey

·         Have students read their original sentences to each other without the vocabulary word and see if fellow students can guess which word fits.

·         Field Trip to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston!

HW:  Read 30 minutes & log it, Istation (as needed).  Study for Vocab. Quiz.


Friday, 10/31/14

Happy Halloween!

Red Ribbon Week—“Hooked on Books”: Book Character Day (Parade begins at 8:15 a.m. on the blacktop)

Weiman—Library, Reading Buddies

·         Take QUIZ.

·         Wrap Up activities for “The Raven”.

·         Read to Self Ch. 9 of FMUF, and begin working on assigned Literature Circle Job.

·         Share 6 Ways to Start a Story with a partner.

·         Work on Character Card.

·         For those whom this applies to, work on My Brother Sam Is Dead assignment.

·         Work on Istation as needed.

HW:  Read 30 minutes & log it, Istation (as needed).  Get Reading Log signed.  Finish Character Card.


Angela Furnari,
Oct 26, 2014, 10:52 PM