Week of 11/30/15 - 12/04/15

posted Nov 29, 2015, 5:37 PM by Angela Furnari

This week, we will:


Monday, 11/30/15

Art Day

·         Remaining groups will present their Classic Poetry Project (poem & Reader’s Theatre version of the poem). 

·         We will review and collect the Bill of Rights Reading Packet, pausing to answer questions and clarify misunderstandings as needed.

Work Stations

·         Finish & Share Bill of Rights Illustrations.

·         Complete missing or incomplete work.

·         Read an on-level book of choice.

HW:  Read 30 minutes, and make sure you are ready for camp.


Tuesday, 12/01/15 – Friday, 12/04/15

5th Graders will be at Camp Olympia!  J