Week of 12/01/14 - 12/05/14

posted Nov 30, 2014, 5:01 PM by Angela Furnari

This week, we will:


Monday, 12/01/14

Furnari – Library

·  Collect reading log from last week, and pass out new log.

·  Introduce Wordly Wise Unit 9 Vocabulary with a PowerPoint & discussion, and Begin WW 9A.

Workstation Groups

·  Together, review “The Pilgrim’s Journey” Reading Assignment that students completed on Tues. 11/25. 

·  Continue working on Literature Circle #3 Job, which is due on Wed. 12/03.

·  Continue working on Story Board and Story Sketches, which are due on Wed. 12/03.

·  Time Permitting, work on Istation, or read for Reading Log.

HW:  Read 30 minutes & log it, Istation (as needed).  Finish Wordly Wise 9A.


Tuesday, 12/02/14

·  Correct Wordly Wise 9A, and begin working on 9B.

·  Begin a Literature Unit called The Study of Chocolate, which will focus heavily on non-fiction texts regarding the history, growth, production, and manufacturing of chocolate products.

·  Introduce the unit with the following pre-reading activities:

o   Fudgie Bear Read Aloud

o   Chocolate Brain Teaser

o   Chocolate KWL Chart

·  Together, begin reading The Story of Chocolate, published by the National Confectioners Association’s Chocolate Council:

o   Read Ch. 1 Food of the Gods

o   Read Ch. 2 History of Chocolate

o   Annotate & Highlight as we read.

o   Answer Ch. 1 & Ch. 2 Reading Comprehension Questions & Review them as a class.

·  Time Permitting, early finishers, can complete a Chocolate Quick Write, finish their Lit. Circle #3 Job, finish their Story Board/Story Sketches, or work on Istation.

HW:  Read 30 minutes & log it, Istation (as needed).  Finish Wordly Wise 9B.


Wednesday, 12/03/14

·  Correct Wordly Wise 9B, and begin working on 9D.

·  Have Literature Circle #3 Meeting, and turn in Literature Circle #3 Job.

·  Literature Circle #4 Meeting & Job will be due Fri. 12/12.

·  Review & Discuss a Legislative Branch PPT.

·  Take Legislative Branch Notes.

HW:  Read 30 minutes & log it, Istation (as needed).  Finish Wordly Wise 9D.


Thursday, 12/04/14

Weiman – Library

Computer Lab Day:  Furnari – 7:55-8:45 a.m.; 1:05-2:00 p.m.

Weiman – 8:50-9:40 a.m.; 2:00-2:55 p.m.
(Dec. Istation Assessment followed by Istation practice)

Workstation Groups

·  Correct Wordly Wise 9D, Complete 9E, and Grade Unit 9 Exercises.

·  Continue reading The Story of Chocolate:

o   Read Ch. 3 Growing Cocoa Beans

o   Read Ch. 4 The Cocoa Bean Harvest

o   Annotate & Highlight during reading.

o   Answer Ch. 3 & 4 Reading Comprehension Questions.

HW:  Read 30 minutes & log it, Istation (as needed).  Study for Unit 9 Vocab. QUIZ.


Friday, 12/05/14

5th Grade Assembly 9:40-10:20

P.E. Day

·  Take Unit 9 QUIZ, and Collect Unit 9 Exercises.

·  Assign Plot Diagram & Rough Draft of Short Story, both of which will be due Wed. 12/17.

·  Review & Discuss a Judicial Branch PPT.

·  Take Judicial Branch Notes.

HW:  Read 30 minutes & log it, Istation (as needed).  Get Reading Log signed.


Angela Furnari,
Nov 30, 2014, 5:01 PM